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I am a London based artist and globemaker and have created a range of unique and exquisite globes featuring historic maps of cities such as London, Paris, Venice and New York.

From the early Agas map of  1560, through the 1600's with Merian's beautiful panoramas of London, Paris and Venice, into the 1700's with Rocques map of London and Taylor- Robert map of New York 1797.



One thing often leads to another so with a slight deviation from the globe making, I have created two decorative objects  using a combination of fine casting skills and hand dipping marble techniques.

Each is entirely unique.





Prospects and maps

Using traditional globe making techniques from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, I take historical city prospects, maps and celestial gores and transforms them into beautiful objects of contemplation. Specifically designed to be hand held, by placing these globes into the hands of the viewer you are invited to travel back into the past and consider your relationship to time and place.

Maps, prospects and globes have been used over the centuries to enable people to explain and navigate their way through the world.  They record a unique expression of people’s relationship with the ground beneath their feet, their built environment and their place in the universe, providing the modern viewer with a unique visual bridge to a point in history which connects us to the past.

My collection begins with the Ralph Agas map depicting 16th Century Elizabethan London. I follow the history of London in prospects from 1616 to 1674.  John Rocques beautiful map of London 1746 is far to big to fit on a globe, so we've carefully created independent  sections of Soho and the City. We have taken the bloomsbury section from Horwoods map of 1799.

Celestial globes

The wonder of celestial globes never ceases to delight.  Celestial globes are a representation of stars and constellations. Traditionally they served as scientific instruments, ornamental showpieces, and physical illustrations of the astronomy beliefs of the day. Celestial globes were as a  way of depicting the sun, moon, planets, and stars in relation to the Earth. There was a desire to learn about astronomical history and events and  to understand how Earth related to the universe. I have worked on two celestial views,  Coronelli's celestial globe of  1693 and Cassini's  1792.

Please note all globes take around 3 weeks from the order date. If you need it quicker do contact me as I may be able to perform some magic!

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