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Celestial globes are a  representation of stars and constellations  and helped to put objects into perspective and  served as scientific instruments, ornamental showpieces, and physical illustrations of the astronomy beliefs of the day

Celestial globes were as a w way of depicting the sun, moon, planets, and stars in relation to the Earth. There was a desire to learn about astronomical history and events; people wanted to understand  how Earth related to the universe.

Vincenzo Coronelli was born in Venice in 1650. He was one of the leading cartographers and globe-makers of the Baroque era and made terrestrial and celestial globes for Louis XIV of France.


Our representation of Coronelli’s celestial globe is hand coloured and features a midnight blue sky to illustratre the beautiful detail of each character.


This globe is available in 10 cm and 15cm sizes. Both are hand held and come with a small jesmonite base

Coronelli celestial globe 1698

  • Each sphere is hand made from casting plaster. Each globe is made in the time honoured traditional method. 12 paper gore sections are carefully applied to the sphere with starch paste. Once dry the surface is burnished and finished with multiple very thin layers of varnish.

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