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Where ever you are in the West End or City you're never far from a curious or unusual piece of London History.

A few years ago I wandered the streets  seeking out these 'peculiars'  and  created a map of them.


The map includes the location of:

The last duelling site, the smallest listed building, the ears of Covent garden, the sewer gas lamp, 18th Century graffitti , the original cannon from the battle of Trafalgar, the grave robbers watchtower , the 7 noses of Soho, The executioners bell, The London Stone, the mice of Philpot lAne St Ghastly grim, the Ferryman's seat and another 45 or so other very interesting , historic places or things to find.


With The Map of London Peculiars as your guide, astound yourself with your new found knowledge of weird and wonderful London and discover some of the city's secrets.


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Map of London Peculiars

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